Designing for Uncertainty


People crave certainty.

The components to certainty are trust and control. Dave wants to get back in control in his life and be able to trust a system that will get him back to the things that matter to him in his life.


Web is an extension of yourself.

Web is an AR-wearable system that unites the abilites of man and machine. Web helps Dave optimize his responsibilities and plan his days in and out of work.


When Dave boards his truck, he puts on Web and can see insights into his day. Based on load and route, Web informs Dave when he is projected to complete his day.


When Dave begins driving, Web gives him a suggested route based on traffic. Dave can review the suggestion and confirm or adjust the route depending on his own experience and understanding.


At central locations, Web suggests that Dave deploy his drones, which are designed for small packages. Dave deploys the drones which deliver the small loads while he continues delivering larger ones in his truck. While he delivers, the drones return to the truck, ready for their next deployment.



An extension of yourself.

Web is a system designed to put Dave in control. Web provides Dave the certainty he needs to satisfy consumers and to make time for the things that matter most to him.

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