Designing for Community



It can be lonely.

Nicole wants to get more involved in the community by creating a routine of interaction that pushes her to live beyond the classroom. She craves a routine.


Hive engages the community.

Hive is a service that answers Nicole’s needs. It integrates speedy delivery into her routines, getting her goods faster and promoting community engagement.


When Nicole goes to order an item online, she sees an option to have her products shipped to a community Hive for a lower cost, faster delivery and a special reward. Curious, she clicks the option.


Upon clicking the Hive option, Nicole sees a variety of designated pickup points within local businesses. She selects one of her favorites and looks forward to her visit.


After checking out, she sees a code for a discount at the local business she chose. Her excitement and anticipation grow, and she’s motivated to check out other Hive locations in the future.



Building routines together. 

Hive leverages existing community centers and relationships to connect consumers with products quickly and reduce costs associated with last mile delivery. It provides financial benefits for the local businesses by offering an alternative revenue stream through partnerships with distribution centers but also creates and strengthens consumer-business routines.

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